2024 Fishing Trips



Nushagak River Outcamp By Rapids Camp Lodge


-June 28 - July 1, 2024

-July 1 - July 4, 2024

-July 4 - July 7, 2024

Special Pricing Offer. Contact Deneki Email [email protected] or call (907) 563-9788 and Mention Mossy's Fly Shop.

The Nushagak River Outcamp by Rapids Camp Lodge is a remarkable wilderness retreat located in the heart of Alaska's pristine Bristol Bay region. This secluded and picturesque camp offers anglers and outdoor enthusiasts an unforgettable experience in one of the world's premier fishing destinations. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the Outcamp provides a peaceful and serene setting for guests to immerse themselves in nature. With comfortable accommodations, professional guides, and access to world-class fishing on the Nushagak River, this outcamp is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure and relaxation in the Alaskan wilderness.

Contact Deneki Directly - [email protected] or call (907) 563-9788. 


DIY Rapids Camp


-June 8 - July 1, 2024

- September 13 - November 1, 2024

Special Pricing. Contact Deneki  Email [email protected] or call (907) 563-9788 and Mention Mossy's Fly Shop.

The DIY Program at Rapids Camp in Bristol Bay, Alaska, is a unique opportunity for anglers who prefer a self-guided fishing experience. This program allows guests to explore the remarkable fishing waters of the region at their own pace and with their preferred fishing methods. The DIY Program provides access to the Nushagak River, which is known for its abundance of salmon and other species. Guests have the freedom to choose their fishing spots, navigate the river, and create their own adventure. The camp provides comfortable accommodations and essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Whether you are an experienced angler looking for independence or a newcomer to fishing, the DIY Program at Rapids Camp offers an exciting and rewarding fishing experience in the beautiful Bristol Bay area.

Contact Deneki Directly - [email protected] or call (907) 563-9788. 

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips


Fish the Kanektok River with Mossy's Fly Shop!

Date: July 28 - August 4, 2024

Pricing: Special pricing for Mossy's Fly Shop Guests. Contact Mossy's Fly Shop for pricing and book a slot. 

Hurry, there are only 3 Spots left.

Fishing the Kanektok River otherwise know as the "Chosen River" is a dream come true for any avid fly angler. From the abundance of fish species to the remote wilderness setting and the opportunity for full on fishing immersion experience, on the Kanektok River. Prepare to be captivated by the natural beauty, challenged by the diverse fish populations make this destination a must-visit for any angling enthusiast.

Contact Mossy's Fly Shop for pricing on book a slot. Hurry, there are only 3 Spots left.