Mike Brown is the heart and soul of Mossy’s Fly Shop. As a lifelong Alaskan, Mike grew up fishing in Alaska. Mike’s passion for fly fishing came to fruition in 2010 by becoming the owner of what used to be McAfee’s Fly Shop. Now known as Mossy’s Fly Shop, Mike’s mission is to share his passion with others by helping to build and develop a fishing community that respects and appreciates the resources Alaska has to offer. Mike loves to share his boundless enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge with guests. You should take advantage. Mike definitely has the passion for fly fishing and for the Alaska fishery. He truly enjoys what he does and that enjoyment rubs off on his guests.
Brian Davenport, aka Wolverine, is an all-around great guy. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Brian made his way to Alaska via his service in the United States Air Force. After 20 years of service and deployments in Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, Brian’s stint in Alaska was made permanent. With 18 years in Alaska under his belt, Brian’s passion is now Fly Fishing. Brian has been the 1st mate at Mossy’s Fly Shop since September of 2014, but a friend to the shop since the beginning.